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​Piercom Products

Piercom has developed a wide range of applications and solutions. These include:

Piercom Inspect

A highly effective, multi-code scanning and analysis tool that identifies any changes or impacts across heterogeneous data and code structures can be interrogated to ensure data healthchecks .

Open CRM and Contact Management Tools 

An suite of advanced CRM and contact management solution used as a building block for sales and CRM engagement.

A contact routing system designed for the Local Government Offices in Ireland to analyse emails and other contacts to Local Authorities and routes them to the most appropriate department. 

A robust secure web based document and record management repository for storing, indexing, easy search and retrieval of documents. These can be stored directly as electronic copies or scanned into the system.  Used by some 28 Local Authorities in Ireland for online construction planning and record retention.

Web Configurator tool for Boeing 737

Piercom delivered to GE Capital Aviation Services the first web-based aircraft design configurator for a Boeing 737 and later added web based deal management, project management, claim processing systems.

Piercom e-commerce solution (forms, contact, document and payment solution for call centres)  

The Piercom closed loop suite of web based solutions for call centre and e-commerce delivery