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GE Capital Aviation Services approached Piercom on the basis of their well-received reputation in the world of web based IT solutions.

Their primary requirement was the need for a system that would enable their current and potential customers to configure the options of an aircraft in real-time. Paramount to any proposed solution was the need for a flexible, dynamic, robust and highly scaleable system that could encapsulate a content managed catalogue with the adaptive capability to be honed to GECAS's individual specifications.

Specific project details

Piercom proposed to build an application for GECAS with an XML based solution. They recommended the eXcelon Portal Server as the delivery toolset, enabling GECAS to achieve the flexibility not only to deliver the system but also to cover all of GECAS' future requirements.

The system consists of web-form based catalogues and guides password verified GECAS clients through the various categories and options therein, allowing them to choose from a diverse content managed archive of materials, parts and accessories.


Where necessary, the system is programmed to enforce mandatory choices depending on GECAS requirements and specifications.

Additionally, the system is designed to store partially completed forms as XML documents so that customers could return to them later, while simultaneously keeping a running total of the 'retail' price (Boeing prices and Material prices) of the options chosen on both a category and overall basis. This allows customers to change their order options at any time, enabling them to view the effect a change in their choice options is having on their order costs. Once a customer has completed the form to their satisfaction it is 'submitted' to GECAS.

The system then enables GECAS to view the order in its entirety, complete with the options selected, pricing totals under several different categories and total of expensed, depreciated, amortised and recharged items.


Piercom has also been providing further ongoing IT application development and support services to GECAS since 2001.