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Piercom won the Irish Government tender to provide a Contact Routing System to analyse e-mails and other contacts to the County Councils and route them to the most appropriate department. The system was rolled out nationally and acknowledged by Microsoft.

The system would be designed to allow agents in the department to choose the most appropriate standard reply to send. If the department does not reply within their agreed timeframe, then the enquiry would be routed to managers for appropriate action.


Local authorities will use eDirect to provide a comprehensive contact/query management and tracking system. With this system all contacts and queries, regardless of their format, are analysed, routed, logged and stored centrally.

Once received, each query is scanned for key words and then allocated to the relevant department and agent, depending on agent's workload and area of expertise. The agent is then alerted to a new query and given a list of possible solutions/responses. The citizen receives confirmation of receipt of the query and a TicketID, which allows them to log on and view the status of the query.

Each query is given a deadline and where issues are not resolved within the allocated time, an automatic issue acceleration process is put in place. Once resolved, the system responds to the citizen based on agent and/or sender response specifications. It also allows users to manually add details of contacts for interactions with citizens either in person or by phone. Queries are routed to the relevant section withing the organisation.