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ECDL approached Piercom with a need to manage their ECDL Certified Trainer Programme over the web.  The programme consisted of four core Components:

  • Online registration and Payment
  • Online Course Content
  • Management of classroom workshops
  • Management of tutor allocation assessment


  • Full analysis and design of the required system
  • Provision of an online registration portal, complete with full integration into a real time payment processing system
  • Provision of online course material, complete with last place markers and self assessment tests
  • A scheduling system to allow tutors, students and locations to be co-ordinated and then published as timetables
  • Tutor review screens to allow the tutor to view the progress and success of each of their students
  • Provision of an online assessment recording feature for course tutors
  • The system was developed using JSP and use a MS SQL back-end
  • Full hosting and support of the final solution