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Dell partnered with Piercom in an effort to enhance and expand its then current fulfilment systems.

The difficulties faced by Piercom in undertaking a project of this nature lay in the guise of Dell's multiple legacy systems and the incumbent need to migrate & web-enable these various systems already in existence on site.

Specific project details

  • Project management
  • Analysis, design & development of new product configuration application based on existing legacy system
  • Testing of new applications
  • Report generation
  • Web-enabling of key order administration tasks inc: order tracking, customer service, key order processing report facilities


Piercom provided Dell with a dedicated team of project managers, software engineers, programmers and technical architects to work in-house with its IT department. The benefits to Dell include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced order administration systems
  • Improved order tracking
  • Improved product configuration system
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Decreased transactional costs

 Quote By Gerry Clarke, Dell Ireland

"Piercom's expertise in legacy system re-engineering & the web-enabling of existing systems proved invaluable in the achievement of our project goals. With minimum disruption to business critical systems, Piercom managed the project to deliver a cost-effective and viable solution tailored to our specific needs. The professional, detailed & flexible manner in which the project was undertaken from the understanding of our business goals & objectives to system design & implementation means that Dell can deliver an improved service to its customers. This in turn has led to an increase in customer satisfaction, sales and employee efficiency and a decrease in order cycle time and transactional costs."