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​About Piercom 

Piercom provides information management solutions and services for a number of international clients.  The company delivers holistic information architectures, data analytic strategies and bespoke solutions in mobile, cloud, social network for the digital marketplace.

Financial Services Clients like General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), SES Leasing, PEPPER, have used Piercom to manage their data and their information strategy,  In advanced technology companies like, Analog Devices, HIlIFE TOOLS,, Kostal GmbH and US and European Governments Piercom solutions and services are used to improve their business efficiency.  Piercom are the perfect near shore partner for clients who need additional ICT support.

Piercom was awarded the Washington based Smithsonian Institute medal ''for innovation in business and services''.  

Piercom is  celebrating 24 years in business innovation through the use of technology.

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Piercom ''bringing meaning to data;''