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About Us

Piercom is an advanced information management provider focussed on integration of information across the enterprise.    Piercom provides consultancy, project management and architectural business modelling to clients using digital technology as a means to create efficiency in a number of disparate environments.  Piercom bridge many Information gaps not considered by mainstream enterprise solutions.    The Internet of Things, The Digial Workplace, Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics  and Cloud Services are the lingua franca surrounding many Piercom projects.

Some Cloud based solutions include:

  • A Contact (tracking) administrative management solution (endorsed by Microsoft as best of breed in Public Services administration solutions)
  • A Document and Record Management solution for scanning and storing large files and documents linked to Sharepoint and Sql (used by 30 municipalities in Ireland)
  • A forms engine for creation of web forms to utilise in creation of web services used across the public sector
  • A web enabled e-payment solution to close out commercial services used by public services
  • An web audit suite tool that allows client to record and validates information in any audit workflow used across industrial practices e.g in automotive ad engineering environments.  
  • A biometric tool for finger print recognition used in industrial quality control process improvement and validation
  • A learning management system (Mentor) Piercom has worked with Thomson Net G, ECDL, and designed and developed a number of e-learning solutions
  • A supplychain management portal platform for managing e-procurement buy-side and supplier integration
  • A number of software/electronic solutions for managing discrete business problems and improving efficiency